Accident airlines Hewa Bora and Rusair grounded by authorities

Two airlines involved in recent fatal accidents were grounded by authorities. 

Media in D.R.Congo reported that the Congolese government has suspended, Wednesday, July 13, the air operating license (AOC) of Hewa Bora Airways, pending the outcome of the investigation launched into the crash of a Boeing 727 on July 8 at Kisangani. A spokesman for the Ministry of Transport said that the decision to withdraw the operating license was taken due to recurring accidents involving this airline.

In a similar move, Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsia)  suspended the AOC of Rusair following a plane crash on June 21 that killed 47 people. A Tupolev 134 of the airline crashed near Petrozavodsk Airport in Russia. A spokesman reported to RIA-Novosti: “Due to violations revealed during an investigation, the operator’s license has been suspended.”


One Response to Accident airlines Hewa Bora and Rusair grounded by authorities

  1. marianne van as says:

    Great concern regarding my refund on Hewa Bora. Spoke to their office on 15.7.2011,went to the office on 18.7.2011 after flying out of Lubumbashi on 17.7.2011 through Zambesi air,keep on getting the ‘we will let you know’ attitude from various Hewa Bora staff members-when will passangers get their refunds???

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