Russia grounds several Yak-42 planes for safety reasons

September 11, 2011

Russian aviation regulator Rostransnadzor has suspended the operations of several Yakovlev 42 aircraft following the fatal accident involving such an aircraft on September 7 near Yaroslavl, Russia.

Rostransnadzor reported that by September 9, six Yak-42 aircraft had been checked. These checks resulted on the grounding of three planes, operated by Grozny Avia, Gazpromavia, and KrasAvia.

On September 10, inspectors grounded a Yak Service Yak-42D, RA-42412 at Izmir, Turkey because one of the engines had been in use beyond the time limits set for the engine. On the same dat an Izhavia Yak-42 was grounded at Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport due to unspecified safety violations.



Russia suspends IrAero Antonov 24 operations

August 19, 2011

Russia’s transport safety regulator Rostransnadzor suspended all operations of Antonov 24 aircraft of IrAero.

An Antonov 24 of IrAero was involved in an runway excursion accindent at Blagoveshchensk Airport (BQS), Russia on August 8, 2011. An inspection of the airline by Rostransnadzor revealed several safety deficiencies, prompting a suspension of all operations of AN-24 aircraft of the airline.

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Russian accident airline warned for safety shortcomings in ramp checks

August 11, 2011

Russian airline Avis-Amur had been warned by Russia’s transport safety regulator in March and May 2011 regarding safety shortcomings on their Antonov 12 aircraft.

On August 9 the Antonov 12 operated by Avis-Amur crashed while returning to Magadan, Russia after reporting a fuel leak and engine fire. All eleven on board were killed Rostransnadzor said in a statement that the airline had been warned about safety shortcomings following ramp checks in March an May 2011.

In March it was found that there were too many seats on the flight deck and that the attachments were lacking.


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