India: Wrongly declared package emits fumes during loading onto passenger plane

January 27, 2011

Jan. 26] One of 98 wrongly declared packages containing hydrogen peroxide emitted fumes while it was loaded into a passenger plane at Kochi, India.

A Qatar Airways Airbus A321 passenger plane was being prepared for a regular scheduled flight QR267 from Cochin Airport (COK/VOCC), India to Doha Airport (DOH/OTBD), Qatar. There were 156 passengers and nine crew members on board.

The Indian Sify news reported that a consignment of 98 boxes was loaded on the plane. After one of the boxes fell down emitting strong acidic fumes, the entire consignment was off-loaded from the aircraft once the security personnel were alerted. A loading staff member was reportedly given medical aid after he suffocated from inhaling the smoke.

Airport officials said a case has been filed against the Thrissur-based Infra Scientific Agency and the IATA-registered agent through whom the consignment was being sent. The packages had been labeled “not dangerous” medical equipment. Though in fact they contained hydrochloric acid, declared globally as ‘dangerous goods’.



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