BEA publishes AF447 investigation update

The French Bureau d’Enquêtes et d’Analyses (BEA) released an update with factual findings of their investigation into the AF447 accident.

Faced with the regular disclosure of partial and often approximate information since 16 May, the BEA wished to publish the update  so as to inform the families of the victims and the public about the first facts established, based on analysis of the data from the flight recorders, which started on 14 May for the FDR and 15 May for the CVR.

The updatr describes in a factual manner the chain of events that led to the accident and presents newly established facts. The initial analyses will be developed in a further interim report that is scheduled to be published towards the end of July 2011.

Only after long and detailed investigative work will the causes of the accident be determined and safety recommendations issued, this being the main mission of the BEA. The latter will be included in the final report.

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4 Responses to BEA publishes AF447 investigation update

  1. jacques says:

    They did their utmost to drop the plane. And were success.

  2. Rick Winterborn says:

    The industrie’s to blame. The aircrafts are almost error proof so, pilots trainning and quality has decreased. The result is, fatal accidents resulting from minor failures or no failures at all, like Turkish in AMS, radio altimiter failure or Spanair in MAD, take-off configuration horn failure. More sofisticated aircrafts require better pilots. Lets see what happens in the few years to come. Can “we” keep improoving safety this way?

  3. Pierre says:

    I can only express my deepest condolences to the families of all the people on the plane. I was closely following all news about this accident and was so surprised that the boxes have been found after such a long time and in the depths of an ocean.

  4. PeteB says:

    From my limited flying training experience I can tell you if you can’t see anything out of the windows you are 100% relying on the instruments to even know which way up you are. It’s even possible to fly inverted and still feel the right way up if the aircraft is well balanced.

    It appears that the pilots of AF447 knew they were falling rapidly, it may have FELT like they were diving with a risk of over-speed damage and they thought they had to try to arrest the dive.

    BUT at so early a stage in the analysis of the flight data, all speculation should be treated with extreme caution.

    My heart goes out to the families of those on board, all this reminding of their loss must be almost unbearable.

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