NTSB releases factual information regarding 2010 plane crash involving former Senator Stevens

The airplane wreckage (photo: NTSB)

As part of its continuing investigation into the August 9, 2010 aviation accident in Alaska, the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) made the accident docket available to the public.

Both former U.S. Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska and former NASA Administrator Sean O’Keefe were among the eight passengers aboard the DHC-3T Turbine Otter aircraft that crashed northeast of Aleknagik. The pilot and four passengers, including Senator Stevens, were killed. The other four passengers were seriously injured.

The accident docket contains NTSB factual reports including: operations, meteorology, survival factors, powerplants, aircraft performance, human performance, airworthiness, and a synopsis of medical records.
Also included are exhibits, interview transcripts, photographs, and other documents from the on-going investigation. Additional material will be added to the docket as it becomes available.

The information released is factual in nature and does not provide any analysis. A determination of findings, probable cause, and recommendations will be released during the public NTSB Board Meeting on May 24, 2011.

More information:


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