Boeing 757 runway excursion incident at Jackson Hole, WY

The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB ) has opened an investigation into an incident in which a Boeing 757 passenger jetliner departed the runway while landing at Jackson Hole Airport in Wyoming.

At about 11:38 am MT on December 29, American Airlines flight AA2253, inbound from Chicago O’Hare International Airport, ran off the end of runway 19 while landing at Jackson Hole Airport. No injuries were reported among the 181 passengers and crew on board.

The aircraft came to rest in hard packed snow about 350 feet beyond the runway overrun area. The weather was reported to be snowing at the time of the incident. No damage to the aircraft has been reported. Runway 19 is a 6300 ft asphalt runway.  A video made by a passenger (note: the video is no longer online) during landing shows the thrust reversers were deployed when the airplane was approximately abeam the terminal building, which is about 4000 feet down the runway.

The airplane involved in the mishap was N668AA.

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