JTSB investigates serious runway incursion incident at Fukuoka, Japan

The Japan Transport Safety Board (JTSB) is investigating a serious runway incursion incident at Fukuoka Airport (FUK/RJFF), Japan involving two Boeing 737 airliners.

On December 26, Busan Air Flight 141 was instructed to hold short of runway 34 at taxiway W8. The Boeing 737-400  was heading back to Busan-Gimhae (Pusan) International Airport (PUS/RKPK), South Korea with 153 on board. The pilot however, taxied onto the runway.

At the same time, JAL Express Flight JL3530 from Sendai was on finals to runway 34. The flight had been given clearance to land and was 5,6 km from the airport when the Air Busan plane taxied onto the runway. The air traffic controller instructed JL3530 to go around.

The aircraft involved in the incident were Air Busan’s Boeing 737-48E, registered HL7517 and JAL Express’  Boeing 737-446, registered JA8998.

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