EASA issues emergency AD for Airbus A300-600 pitch uncoupling unit inspections

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) issued an emergergency airworthiness directive (EASA EAD 2010-0239-E)  mandating an inspection of Airbus A300-600 pitch uncoupling units.

During a routine maintenance check on an A300-600 aeroplane, the operator found the pitch uncoupling unit installed at an incorrect location.
The pitch uncoupling unit was inverted with the rod assembly.

After a complete inspection of all A300-600 aeroplanes of its fleet, the operator identified the same incorrect installation on another aeroplane.

Had this routine maintenance check, which was accomplished for other purposes, not been carried out, the incorrect installation could only have been detected during the accomplishment of the pitch uncoupling functional test.

This condition, if not detected and corrected, in combination with particular failure modes, could lead to loss of control of the aeroplane during the takeoff phase.

For this reason, the AD requires a one time visual inspection, to detect any incorrect installation of the pitch uncoupling unit, and, depending on findings, to take corrective actions.

The AD applies to A300-600 aeroplanes, all certified models, all serial numbers, and A300F4-608ST aeroplanes, all serial numbers, except aeroplanes on which the pitch uncoupling functional test has already been performed in service since new.



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