FAA error-reporting program: 14,000 reports so far

A report by USA Today’s Alan Levin showed that 14,000 reports have been made in the FAA’s Air Traffic Safety Action Program (ATSAP).  ATSAP is modeled after the airlines ASAP (Aviation Safety Action Program). The program is non-punitive. The intent is to identify and report all events that may or did lead to a breakdown in safety, or increase risk to air traffic control operation. To mitigate all safety risks, thousands of unreported events need to be identified and studied. This may reveal the one critical safety event that could result in disaster.

In the year and a half since the program started more than 14,000 reports have been filed, USA Today reports.

The reports have allowed the FAA to make numerous fixes to festering problems, such as improving signage at critical runway intersections, the agency says.

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