FAA releases ATC audio of United 634 emergency landing

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) released the air traffic control tapes of an emergency landing at Newark-Liberty International Airport, NJ (EWR/KEWR) on January 10, 2010.

Newark Air Traffic Control Tower (MP3, 46.74 MB)

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Mishap photo by NYCinvestigates

According  to preliminary NTSB information an Airbus A319, registration N816UA, operated by United Airlines as flight 634, landed with the right main gear partially extended on runway 4L at the Newark. The airplane was on a regularly scheduled flight from Chicago-O’Hare International Airport, IL (ORD/KORD). While on approach to Newark the crew attempted to extend the landing gear and observed an abnormal gear indication. The crew conducted a go-around and attempted to manually extend the gear, but were not able to extend and lock the right main gear, and decided to land before fuel ran low. The flight landed on runway 4L, coming to rest on the left main and nose wheel, and the right engine nacelle. The airplane had minor damage to the underside of the right nacelle and gear door. Three of the 48 passengers had minor injuries, and none of the 5 crew were injured.


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